Ballet Theatre of Maryland

Annapolis Symphony Orchestra
April 18, 2017
Compass Rose Theater
April 18, 2017
As Maryland’s premier professional ballet company, we have so much to celebrate: great classical dance, new and talented dancers, rising stars in our company, and many new classical and contemporary choreographic works. This professional company aims to inspire the audience through the transforming power of American dance. Energy, athleticism, dynamism and passion are classic American dance ideals that move our dancers to achieve higher levels of artistry and skill, whether through the drama of contemporary pieces or by making classic ballet storytelling come to life.

The ballet's school of Classical and Contemporary Dance is the only school in Maryland that offers a fully comprehensive ballet training program for the beginner student up to the professional dancer. Their focus on the healthy body aesthetic, healthy body types, and healthy mentoring is a hallmark of our school and company. Dianna Cuatto, Artistic Director, is in her thirteenth season as Ballet Theatre of Maryland’s Artistic Director, and is looking forward to continuing to produce high-caliber ballet performances that engage the mind and spirit and express Maryland’s unique voice through movement. Her goal is to make ballet accessible to all while attaining ever higher levels of artistic excellence. They invite you to join them in celebrating 38 years of the Ballet Theatre of Maryland and support us in their efforts to bring great dance to all Marylanders in the future.


Upcoming Events

Educational performance at Maryland Hall

2017-2018 Schedule To Be Released Soon